Evolving at the Speed of Software
By Sherry Hess, VP of Marketing,
AWR Group, NI

Thank you, Dr. Joe Salvo of GE Global Research and the founder and director of the Industrial Internet Consortium for sharing this tagline with me. At NIWeek 2014, Dr. Salvo took the keynote stage to comment on the Industrial Internet in the “systems age,” which has superseded the information age.


MMD March 2014
New Military Microwave Digest


Band Reject Filter Series
Higher frequency band reject (notch) filters are designed to operate over the frequency range of .01 to 28 GHz. These filters are characterized by having the reverse properties of band pass filters and are offered in multiple topologies. Available in compact sizes.
RLC Electronics

SP6T RF Switch
JSW6-33DR+ is a medium power reflective SP6T RF switch, with reflective short on output ports in the off condition. Made using Silicon-on-Insulator process, it has very high IP3, a built-in CMOS driver and negative voltage generator.

Group Delay Equalized Bandpass Filter
Part number 2903 is a group delayed equalized elliptic type bandpass filter that has a typical 1 dB bandwidth of 94 MHz and a typical 60 dB bandwidth of 171 MHz. Insertion loss is <2 dB and group delay variation from 110 to 170 MHz is <3nsec.
KR Electronics

Absorptive Low Pass Filter
Model AF9350 is a UHF, low pass filter that covers the 10 to 500 MHz band and has an average power rating of 400W CW. It incurs a rejection of 45 dB minimum at the 750 to 3000 MHz band, and power rating of 25W CW from 501 to 5000 MHz.

LTE Band 14 Ceramic Duplexer
This high performance LTE ceramic duplexer was designed and built for use in public safety communication and commercial cellular applications. It operates in Band 14 and offers low insertion loss and high isolation to enable clear communications in the LTE network.
Networks International

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  Current Articles

Design Synergy: Combining LINC2 Circuit Synthesis with Sonnet EM Simulation

Pre-Distortion Linearization Over 1 GHz Instantaneous Bandwidth Improves Broadband Power Amplifier Multi-Signal Intermodulation and Harmonic Performance
By Aethercomm

Addressing High-Performance RF/Microwave Circuit Design Challenges

AWR Connected Integrates AWR and Third-Party Tools for Enhanced Design Flows and User Efficiencies

Determining the Best RF Simulation Tools as an RF Consulting Engineer
By Keysight

New Use for Existing Technology?
By Karen Hoppe, Editor, Microwave Product Digest

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xxx Big Performance OCXO
Model 149 is a small size oven-controlled crystal oscillator (OCXO) that offers frequency ranges from 10 to 25 MHz and 3.3 or 5.0V supply voltage options. At steady state +25ºC, it consumes less than 1W of power. It comes in a 9 x 14mm surface mount footprint.
CTS Electronic Components
xxx F Attenuator Line Extended
An expanded line of 75 ohm F attenuators is ideal for broadcast, HDTV and SATcom applications in the L and S microwave bands up to 3 GHz. They are available in 1 to 10 dB values in 1 dB steps, with 16 and 20 dB values also available. Maximum power is 2W.
Pasternack Enterprises
xxx Micro Miniature SP2T Switch
Featuring an extremely compact design, this Micro Miniature SP2T switch also adds a position indicator. It can be provided as either a surface mount design or a connectorized unit (SMA connectors standard), and offers excellent electrical performance through 26.5 GHz.
RLC Electronics
xxx Band Reject Filter Series
Higher frequency band reject (notch) filters, designed to operate over the frequency range of .01 to 28 GHz, have been introduced. These filters are characterized by having the reverse properties of band pass filters and are offered in multiple topologies. more...
RLC Electronics
xxx New 50W, 1 to 6 GHz Amplifier
Model 50S1G6AB is a solid-state, 50W Class AB amplifier design that instantaneously covers 1 to 6 GHz in one unit. When used with a sweep generator, the unit will provide 50W typical of RF power in approximately half the size of a traditional Class A design at a more economical price.
AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation
   Industry News
Tektronix Announces First Wireless Lab Management Solution for Education
AR Provides Power Amplifier to Help Re-Establish Connection With ISEE-3 Spacecraft
Peregrine Semiconductor Expands Integrated Product Portfolio Into Both Ends of the Frequency Spectrum
RFMD and TriQuint Unveil New Company Name: Qorvo™
Keysight Technologies Receives Cyber Innovation Award
B&K Precision Acquires Teknix S.A.
Anritsu Announces Manufacturing Test License Agreement with Broadcom
Keysight Technologies Begins Operations
ADI Completes Acquisition of Hittite Microwave
Peregrine Semiconductor and RF Micro Devices Settle All Outstanding Litigation
Lansdale Celebrates Its 50th Year
API Technologies Front End Microwave System to Serve Next-Generation RWR
Agilent Technologies Names Alexander as CTO
Custom MMIC Appoints Spartech-South as Rep for Southeast U.S.
Rohde & Schwarz joins M2M Alliance
Arrow To Distribute Telegesis Ltd. ZigBee Products in Americas
   White Papers

The Design of Ultra Narrowband Amplifiers Using Small-Signal Varactor Upconverters
This paper presents a method of realizing tunable microwave amplifiers with ultra narrow bandwidths that can be less than 0.5% by the use of a varactor up-converter (UC).
Planar Monolithics

Directivity and VSWR Measurements
Return loss and VSWR measurements are complicated by the finite performance of the directional device used to measure the reflected power. The only accurate and convenient way to make return loss measurements is with a well matched high directivity directional coupler or bridge.
Marki Microwave

Switch Solutions for Systems with Low PIM Requirements
Dow-Key Microwave has invested in R&D for new RF switch products designed specifically to reduce intermodulation (IM) in coaxial switches.
Dow-Key Microwave

How to Specify RF and Microwave Filters
Covers cavity, ceramic, LC, crystal and helical filters.
Anatech Electronics

Mounting Considerations for Medium Power Surface-Mount RF Devices
Covers all factors that must be considered when mounting SMT devices.
TriQuint Semiconductor

Biasing MMIC Amplifiers
How to bias MMICs along with theory and techniques.


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Uncertain Times for DefenseIn Defense of DARPA; Lamenting Bell Labs
By Barry Manz

A federal agency like DARPA is a sitting duck for politicians and assorted other critics. It has come up with some truly bizarre programs over years that ultimately either delivered no tangible results, were canceled before they could cause any damage, or attempted to answer questions that nobody was asking or needed answers to. Read More...

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